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Our equipment for recording, mixing and mastering your sound...

Logic Pro
Recording Equipment

Digital Audio Workstation
Raven MTi2 Production Console
Pro Tools DAW Software
Logic Pro DAW Software
NI Komplete 8 Software Suite
Waves Mercury Plug-in Collection
iZotope Ozone Mastering System
Auto-Tune Pitch Correction
Sylenth1 Virtual Analog Synthesizer
Various other plug-ins

Extensive midi programming & drum replacement available...

Recording Equipment
PreSonus FP10 Audio Interfaces
Samson C-Control Matrix
Samson C-Que Headphone Amp
Furman M-8Dx Power Conditioner
KRK Rokit 6 Reference Monitors
Mogami Cabling

MXL V69M Tube Condenser Mic
AKG Perception 420
Shure SM57
Digital Reference DR-LVX2

Yamaha MOX-8 Synthesizer
M-Audio KeyStation Midi Controller
Schecter Hellraiser Guitar
Martin Acoustic Guitar
Line 6 Spider Valve Tube Amp
Marshall MG250DFX Digital Amp
Various Effects Pedals
Alto Saxophones

We can also interface your hardware synth/sampler with our DAW...